Every person learns differently; and my job as a teacher is to be willing to listen, and be open to the needs, concerns, statements, questions, and thought processes of my students. This means that it is mandatory that I find ways to reinvent the "wheel" so to speak. Keeping in mind that I am teaching and learning new things by engaging in coversation and activities with my students. Bringing things full circle by building up knowledge already obtain and making a connection with new material. This means allowing the brain to rearrange itself inorder to grasp understanding of the new concepts presented in the classroom. Most importantly building a relationship of trust and confidence.
Neketia Alyatim
9/22/2011 17:34:02

My attitude is important when teaching because this will bounce off onto the students. As that old saying goes... ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS! I need to have a positive attitude towards math.

10/5/2011 08:04:20



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