One of my goals in life is to work with students who are from different countries and cultures. You may ask why? Well, in our family gatherings you can hear English, Arabic, and Spanish because some of us can speak all three of those languages or only two or only one of the three languages.I can gaurantee that the first thing a person from another country learns first before they learn the language of math. (I do not totally agree with the book on this subject matter but not ruling it out). Why? Everyone needs to make a living and it is very important to learn the monetary system of that country that you are calling home. By no means am I saying not to learn the language but $$$ signs speak louder than words. This does not only apply to  immigrants but right here in America we do not understand each other because of other diverse issues.Bridging the gap between cultures, neighborhoods, races, and languages can be challenge. There are times were it can cause serious problems amongst those individuals involved. The best way to intergrate is to show some similiarities and some things that are not the same between the languages, cultures, etc. It is imperative way these things are the way they are. There will be always be something the same and different.
My oldest child experienced ELLS from K-5 through 4th grade. He was learning both English and Arabic in the home but he was immersed in the Arabic more than English. He still takes notebook paper with the holes on the left and flips the paper to be on the right side (in Arabic you write right to left). Simple things such as this can be very challenging for those involved.

2 - As always, great job. You should read my dissertation once I am done. You will understand how important culture is to me :)


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