In chapter 12, there are many examples how someone can obtain the correct answer to a math problem. The new math strategies shows a student place value and also allows them the she the provess step by step in obtaining answers with a math problem whereas the compressed way does not. I also observed this in the Flint Community Schools which implemented this strategies possible in 2008 or 2009. I had the opportunity to work with one of the younger students who knows only this method of math strategies. And I also worked with one student who was from the academy that knew how to use the old and new strategies and could give account of what he learned and did from both. Then one student was from another public school district and could do the math; but did not know how to explain place value well in regards to addition and subtraction. But there are many ways in learning math and getting the answer. This does not make this particular student less than the other two; but they were older and use to doing things the old way. Teaching math on all levels for everyone to learn I believe is imparative because what I saw on videos and on my interviews. 
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2 - Great job connecting this to what you observed in the interviews.


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