I am taking this Math for Educators and I have mixed feelings about it. It is not that I do not know how to do math. I can not really say that I do not like math, because over the years I have learned to love it. With that been said, I changed my mentality towards math. This really helped when I was taking math classes at Mott Community College and most of those classes were online coarses which I may add I did good in. Well, my oldest child loves math and all these years it was believed that I loved the subject, too. This was a big surprise, I did not. I wanted to make sure that my oldest child had a different outlook when it came to math and science. Reason being my attitude was negative like the rest of those in the world who had/have a bad attitude towards those subjects. I have actually learned more by helping my children and attending parent meetings on various subjects. (I can thank the staff at Neithercut specifically, Debra Ramsey, parent facilitator at Flint Community Schools). I loved the math and science nights because this information made it easy for me to help my child. Also, it gave me great ideas to do at home and outside of the home. Math and science are everywhere. For example, cooking is a great way to teach fractions! But with all that said I have a positive outlook concerning this coarse that I am currently taking...
10/5/2011 08:05:37

2 - Excellent - I went to Neithercut Elementary school, too. My parents still live on Greenbrook Lane, just down the road from the school.


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